Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 Intergalactic Expo

Author: Luke Cheng

I'm back in West Sacramento for the 2018 Intergalactic Expo (IGX). For a few years now, the fine folks who organize this event have put on a show that reaches science fiction enthusiasts. As with most events like this, there were booths, panels, and other activities to enjoy. With a general admission price of only ten dollars, Intergalactic Expo is a sweet deal and an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Many fandoms were represented at IGX. Many fan groups were set up in a special room where convention goers could take photos and learn more about them. Many of these groups went all out in bringing backdrops, props, and even working droids that could move and make sound.

With the Avengers Infinite War movie just releasing, of course we had to have some Marvel representation. There were quite a few Marvel fans in attendance today. Since Infinite War has parts that take place in Space, the Avengers could be considered a little sci fi, I guess!

Besides seeing the amazing cosplays today, there were some great looking statues on display. Many of these were very large and very detailed. I thought this alien statue was pretty intimidating. You can't tell in the photo, but this display was life-sized and was menacing everyone who passed by.

Back this year and holding a panel was Jeffery Weissman who played George McFly in the iconic Back to the Future movies. C. Andrew Nelson and Mike Quinn were also special guests at this year's IGX. Guests love being able to ask questions about the roles these wonderful actors played in their various movies.

Not quite science fiction... actually more biology... this snake and a few other exotic animals were on site at IGX. These were a huge hit with convention goers as they got a chance to pet the snake (if they dared). These beautiful creatures added a nice element to the convention.

Check out some more photos from 2018 IGX in my gallery by clicking HERE. Also, enjoy my little highlight clip of the Intergalactic Expo below!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2018 Sac Toy Con

Author: Luke Cheng

I'm excited to announce that full photo coverage is back! I've had an issue with Photobucket these past few months but now I have my photo hosting needs back in order - and I'm VERY happy about that! I'm also happy because I got the chance to go to Sac Toy Con this past weekend. And there were not one but two Baroness cosplayers in attendance. YES! Baroness is bae... that's for sure!

The Cobra 1st Legion had a strong presence at the Sac Toy Con. In fact, they were the largest group of cosplayers in attendance. That made sense as the main guest of honor at this toy con was Arthur Burghardt, the voice of Destro in the original GI Joe cartoon. It was sweet to see all the Cobra baddies in attendance this afternoon. I'm sure Mr. Burghardt felt the love as he talked to his fans.

Not to be left out of the action there were some Joes on hand as well. In fact, the centerpiece of the main entrance room was a GI Joe gun base built by Cobra 1st Legion member Nick. It was a really sweet set up and was amazing for taking photos in and around.

On the showroom floor there were many toy dealers selling their collectibles. You could really find anything from action figures to movies to video games. Most of the items here would be considered vintage toys. If you are at all interested in checking out collectibles that are long out of print, this is definitely the place for you. Looks like the Baroness found a sweet set of GI Joe figures still in its original packaging... Score!

Sean is a local cosplayer and often can be found manning his toy booth at cons. I love Sean's constantly positive attitude and he is a joy to hang out with. He was at the toy con surrounded by the items he was selling. Sean went with a more casual Winter Soldier cosplay for this event. Check him out with his BFF Captain America.

I'm going to have to stay away from these dolls. They'll probably end up trying to come after me. But I'm sure there are those out there who definitely wouldn't mind having these guys in their collection.

Besides GI Joe, there were other fandoms represented as well. The Ghostbusters were on site and they brought their special Ghostbuster themed truck with them. There were also characters from Marvel and DC as well as other pop culture favorites.

It was great to attend Sac Toy Con this year and check out all the awesome stuff on display there. See a full gallery of my photos from this event by clicking HERE. Hopefully I'll see you at the next Sacramento convention!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Winter SacAnime Day Three

Author: Luke Cheng

Note: I'm changing the format of this blog (for now)! Due to Photobucket changing their policies last year, I am no longer going to be hosting photos with them. That may mean that all the photos on this blog will disappear. So far they haven't yet, but there's no guarantee. The blog will be more video focused for the time being. Full galleries of my con photos will still be available on the main Cosplay of Sacramento site. Go there for your pics!

The final day of a three day con is usually the most chill. After two days of going really hard, it's nice to just relax a bit on the last day. As expected, the huge crowds thinned out quite a bit and it became easier to navigate the convention complex. It felt good to really take my time and savor the experience - and I had to savor the time as I have to wait all the way until summer before SacAnime happens again.

Since I made my way through almost all the rooms on Saturday, I focused a lot of my efforts on getting photos of the cosplayers. Most of my photos were taken on the balcony and main room up the escalators as that is where a lot of the photographers and cosplayers mill about. I love this area because there is a constant flow of people in cosplay coming in. If you're a cosplayer and you want to get a picture taken then upstairs is definitely the place to plant yourself!

The one thing I didn't do yesterday was get into the autograph halls. They are in a separate section of the convention center. I didn't want to miss checking them out so I went today. There were so many people in line wanting to get autographs from the guests. I just saw line after line of people waiting. It was really incredible. This winter SacAnime's guest line-up was pretty impressive, so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised at the lines I saw today.

I'm sad that SacAnime is over already. This con always seems to fly by so fast! It's a sign that I really like it. Good thing it comes twice a year! As always I have a full gallery of photos from today. CLICK HERE if you want to check them out!

See you at summer SacAnime 2018!!!

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 Winter SacAnime Day Two

Author: Luke Cheng

Note: I'm changing the format of this blog (for now)! Due to Photobucket changing their policies last year, I am no longer going to be hosting photos with them. That may mean that all the photos on this blog will disappear. So far they haven't yet, but there's no guarantee. The blog will be more video focused for the time being. Full galleries of my con photos will still be available on the main Cosplay of Sacramento site. Go there for your pics!

Saturday is always the busiest day at a con. The crowds are large and people are packed into the convention center! I love that huge mass of humanity that is around me, but sometimes it makes it a bit hard to get around. That's just a minor complain though as more people means more cosplay to phpotograph!

I've learned to really relax and pace myself at SacAnime as it does no one any good to be tired by the second day. I tried scheduling photoshoots once, but that really made my time at the con really hectic. Now I just wander around and if people want to do a shoot I am more than happy to - and that's exactly what happened. Today I shot with quite a few of my awesome looking cosplay friends. They cosplayed a variety of fandoms from Spider-man to Disney, Sailor moon, and Scooby-Doo! Everyone looked amazing and I was so happy to shoot with them.You gotta check out the full pics in my day two gallery down below.

Besides taking photos, I really try and find my way around the various rooms on the second day. SacAnime provides a lot of entertainment for all who come. In the main convention center, fans of collectible card games (CCGs) and table top game could come together and face off. I personally love playing board games, so it's really tempting for me to just put down my camera and get into a game!

At the hotel, video game tournaments are held. One of my friends joined in on the Tekken tournament. He was able to get past the first round but fell in the round of eight. You know people are hardcore about it when they bring their massive arcade style controllers out. If tournaments aren't your thing, there were other games available to play as well as dance games - though the people who did those were SCARY good.

As a huge fan of the game Overwatch, I had to pop into the Overwatch voice actors panel for a bit. I guess I wasn't the only one interested... the panel completely filled one of the main halls to capacity. Thankfully I was able to get in and check it out. What a treat to see!

So far SacAnime has been really great. I had a great feeling about this con yesterday and it continued on today. CLICK HERE to check out my full gallery of photos from this second day of Winter SacAnime 2018.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Winter SacAnime Day One

Author: Luke Cheng

Note: I'm changing the format of this blog (for now)! Due to Photobucket changing their policies last year, I am no longer going to be hosting photos with them. That may mean that all the photos on this blog will disappear. So far they haven't yet, but there's no guarantee. The blog will be more video focused for the time being. Full galleries of my con photos will still be available on the main Cosplay of Sacramento site. Go there for your pics!

It seems like it's been a while since my last con. I've been very busy with my new baby boy, so he's been taking up a lot of my time. But I'm glad to be back and on the convention room floor of Sac Anime once again. Sac Anime is Sacramento's premier pop culture convention and it definitely draws in the multitudes. There was some rain on this first day, but that didn't stop anyone from getting to the con.

I arrived to Sac Anime to a long line of convention goers outside the Sheraton Hotel where badges could be purchased and picked up. I don't think I have ever recalled seeing such a long line before. It snaked around the block and made a couple of loops inside the hotel as well.

Things were lively inside the main convention center, but there was plenty of room to walk around and enjoy the booths. There were several things I wanted to pick up but I ended up holding off. I still have two more days of the con to decided if I really want to get them. Both of the things I want are of the stuffed variety. I saw this stuffed meat thing that looked like something you'd get more health from out of an 8-bit era video game. It was so cool! Also, my favorite Pokemon, Psyduck, was looking really cute as well. Will one of these items be mine by the end of the con? Only time will tell.

I was pretty free today to roam around and take photos. A few cosplayers I knew got a hold of me to do some short shoots. They were a ton of fun to do. Check out some of the footage in my video recap above.

I was really just trying to get reacquainted with the con experience today so that tomorrow I am ready to hit the ground running. I'm planning on checking out all the different panels and rooms that Sac Anime has to offer. I'm excited to get back to Sac Anime!

Wanna see my full gallery of photos from day one? CLICK HERE.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cosplay Photoshoot - Halloween Skin Mercy (Overwatch) by Janthraxx 10.20.17

Author: Luke Cheng

If you're someone who enjoys playing Overwatch, I think you'll like this photoshoot I did this past week with Janthraxx (Instagram). She came dressed in a spectacular Halloween Mercy cosplay. One of the most fun things to do in Overwatch (besides the actual game, of course) is to get different outfits, in the form of skins, for your characters. This Halloween Mercy skin is only available during this time of year so Mercy players are all scrambling to try and get it before time runs out!

Janthraxx is relatively new to cosplay, she's known more for gaming, but as you can see her cosplay game is already off the charts! Everything about her Mercy cosplay was on point - from the sweet looking staff to her light up wings. She even had some extremely detailed shoes. Every detail of her work was meticulously put together, and it showed! She got many compliments during our time shooting that afternoon.

For this shoot I used Sony camera equipment exclusively. I've been trying to ween myself off Canon for a while now but it's been really difficult. It really helped that I just acquired a new 70-200mm 2.8 zoom lens though, I really put that lens to use on this shoot. We shot in both extremely bright situations and in some pretty dark spots. Having changing light conditions can be tough, but the new lens paired with my Sony a9 performed marvelously. Hopefully my switch over to Sony is complete!

All in all the shoot was very successful and I think the both of us had a great time shooting. After the shoot we got to spend some time talking about gaming, which is something else I love to do. We got to talk about the characters we like to main in the game, and she gave me some grief over my favorite character to use - Symmetra. It was all in good fun though! Now I really feel like turning on the PS4 and playing some Overwatch!

If you haven't seen Janthraxx's Instagram account, I definitely suggest you check it out! She has other amazing Overwatch cosplays for you to see there. If you're interested in seeing all the photos from this Mercy shoot, CLICK HERE for the gallery. As always, if you're interested in doing a shoot with me in the Sacramento area, please let me know. I'd love to work with you!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2017 Sinister Creature Con

Author: Luke Cheng

It's October! What a perfect con to have right before we get to Halloween! Sinister Creature Con returns to Sacramento at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center for a spectacular two day event. Sadly, I was only able to attend the second day of the con this year due to scheduling conflicts on my end. I made the most of my day through and tried to capture everything that went on while I was there. As with Sinister Creature Con shows in the past, there was a lot to see and take in.These shows  are jam packed with awesome content.

The star of Sinister Creature Con is horror so naturally there were many horror items on sale in the main hall. Horror movies of all kinds were on display. There was everything from classic hits to extremely obscure films. You could really spend a lot of time lost in all the titles that people were selling. This really was a horror cinema fans dream con to go to.

Besides the movies there was plenty of horror memorabilia to buy as well. From posters to jewelry to horror toys, Sinister Creature Con had many items on sale. There were vendors located throughout the con, not just the main hall. Multiple rooms had vendors as well as the entrance and exit. Some of the most awesome items could be found in places you may not expect a vendor to be at. I particularly liked the full head masks that one vendor had near the exit doors. 

Another impressive element of Sinister Creature Con was the guest list. For a smaller con, this event certainly had many special/celebrity guests in attendance. It was really awesome to see the guests interacting with the con goers. I found that they were extremely nice and willing to spend a little more time with their fans. Some of the special guests also held panels in the panel room.

A really unique aspect of this con is the focus on special horror themed make-up. People had the opportunity to sit and have professional make-up done on them during the con hours. It was a ton of fun to see the delicate work of these special effects make-up artists being applied. There were quite a few vendors who did this in the main hall. This really makes Sinister Creature Con unique!

Unlike some cons where all the artists are grouped together, the artists at Sinister Creature Con were intermixed with the vendors on the main floor. Checking out artwork is one of my favorite things to do while walking around a con. Above is a photo capture of Poisin Dream Creations in action as she does some painting. Her work is really outstanding. Hopefully you said 'hi' to her today if you went!

Walking around the con you would run into all sorts of people looking awesome. So while I was looking to shoot photos of cosplayers, the people with sweet make-up on were also on my radar. It's not something that I usually shoot, so it's pretty exciting to be able to capture this work when I can.

Sunday didn't have a ton of cosplayers out. I heard that there were much more the previous day as the costume contest was being held then. Oh well, I still was able to find some people looking awesome in Cosplay. 

I was so glad to be able to catch at least a day of Sinister Creature Con this year. This is a special show and I think more people should come out to attend it when it rolls around again. CLICK HERE to see all the photos I took today at the con!