Monday, May 23, 2016

Intergalactic Expo 5.22.16

Author: Luke Cheng

The Intergalactic Expo (IGX) was held in West Sacramento on May 22, 2016. It was a perfect day for the event as the weather was gorgeous. Usually at conventions the weather doesn't matter, but for IGX the weather had to cooperate because of the numerous outdoor events that took place there. This was my second time at IGX and I had a blast hanging out with cosplayers, checking out panels, seeing all the awesome merch, roaming the outdoor fair, and enjoying live musical acts. It's truly a unique event that is really unlike many of the other conventions that I typically attend. IGX is also special in that its focus is mainly on science fiction and the fandoms related to that like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. Sure, you see science fiction represented at convention events quite often, but it's great to have an event that is specific to the genre here in the Sacramento area.

There were many booths to check out all round IGX. The main hall of the expo featured awesome sci-fi merchandise like these Star Wars figures at Sean Long's... I mean Kylo Ren's... table. Looking for hard-to-find items from your favorite sci-fi show? Expo goers had the chance to find exactly what they were looking for here. Toys, play-sets, posters, and hand-made goods were available for sale. Just outside the main floor were tents that had even more items to buy as well as face painting and food items. Pretty much everywhere you went at the expo you would see something that would potentially peak your interest.

Events like these usually bring in star names as guests. Jeffrey Weissman, who played George McFly in Back to the Future 2 and 3, was definitely a draw for those who came out to IGX. He's an experienced actor in feature films, and it was a pure joy to hear him speak on his experiences on set with other actors such as Michael J. Fox and Clint Eastwood. Weissman also took time to take photos and sign autographs with attendees. Seeing him interact with the people who came out - especially the kids - was great. He really took the time to be personal and personable with each person who wanted to meet him. 

If you were at all interested in anything sci-fi, then the IGX panel rooms were the place to be. Rooms focused on a variety of topics including steampunk, cosplay, and even Star Trek versus Star Wars! There was also lightsaber training, workout demos, and a comedy show to entertain attendees. Other attractions at the expo included a video game room and art gallery. As you can probably tell, there was a ton of content for sci-fi fans to sink their teeth into. 

Outside of the main hall was the large tent area. This area featured musical acts throughout the day. Early in the morning the River City High School's concert band could be heard playing favorites from Star Wars. Later on, the band Great Disturbance rocked out for their audience. And after they finished came Darealwordsound, a nerd rap DJ. Big thanks to the artists who came out to share their music with us. It was great to hear them and enjoy the different musical styles they showcased during their time on stage.

I wasn't planning on it, but towards the end of the day I was actually able to get a quick shoot in with Instagramer @space_dana. She was wearing a stunning cosplay of Padme Amidala from Episode II - think of the scene when she's with Anakin in the fields. Thankfully there was a nice little island in a roundabout that I thought would fit her cosplay well and we shot there for just a few minutes. I never know when a great photoshoot opportunity comes up! They seemingly just pop up at any time. I loved the photos that we were able to capture during our short time together. They can be found in this gallery:

Overall I had an amazing time at Intergalactic Expo, and I think all who came did so as well. Sacramento is better for having events like this, and I hope that the organizers of IGx continue to grow and hold this event for many years to come. If you'd like to see my complete gallery of photos from Intergalactic Expo this year, check out this link to my main site:

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