Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cosplay Photoshoot - November Cosplay Enchanted 10.22.16

Author: Luke Cheng

As you know, this past weekend I covered Sac-Con, but before that @Novembercosplay on Instagram and I went out early on Saturday morning to take some photos of her new Enchanted cosplay. We had initially calendared to meet up the week before, but rainy weather pushed it back. It was hard for both of us to get up early on the weekend for this photoshoot, but I think the results of the shoot were totally worth having to do that. 

For this photoshoot I took the opportunity to try a new toy that I had recently picked up - a Sony a7r mark ii camera. For all you camera nerds out there, you'll know that Sony has taken the camera world by storm with their new full frame mirrorless cameras. I brought the a7rii and paired it with a 55m 1.8 prime lens and gave it a whirl. I went pretty bare bones with the Sony and shot natural light. The photo above was taken with my new baby!

I was loving the 55m 1.8 lens on the Sony, but for most of the shoot I went back to using my trusty Canon 5d mark iii. That camera afforded me a lot more flexibility as I had both the 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 to play with. And not only that, the Canon had the help of a softbox and speed light combination. This shot above was taken at quite a distance away using the 70-200 2.8 L-series lens.

No matter the gear that you have, you have to have a great subject to shoot... and November Cosplay was a stunning subject for me to shoot in the beautiful UC Davis Arboretum. Her Enchanted cosplay looked amazing; she never fails to amaze me with her different cosplays. We had a lot of fun walking through the location and grabbing some beautiful shots. The photo above is one of the last shots we took. Getting a twirling around shot can be a challenge. I think she had to do three sets of twirls before we came up with a nice shot! I'd say that about right!

Sometimes I forget to get a photo of myself went I'm out at a photoshoot, but this time I remembered and we were able to grab this selfie after we were done shooting. I'm always up for shooting with November Cosplay. I'm sure you'll see more photoshoots with her in the near future!

The actual final photo from the photoshoot was this shot of the back of November's cosplay. She wanted to get one last shot of the back of the cosplay as she was walking through the wooded area. Please CLICK HERE if you'd like to see all the photos that I captured from this photoshoot. Please also enjoy this short video as well!

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