Friday, September 1, 2017

2017 Summer SacAnime Day One

Author: Luke Cheng

It's Labor Day weekend, so you know what that means... SacAnime! This is a weekend I always look forward to as SacAnime is probably my favorite convention event in the Sacramento area. There is always excitement in the air when SacAnime hits and the attendance is always very good. This time around the con has grown to take over the entire Sacramento Convention Center. There was lots to see and do, and this was just day one!

The best part about cons is the people who come to them. Over the years it has been a pleasure getting to know who come to them regularly. Many of these people I can call friends now, which is awesome. I used to take a lot of selfies at cons - I am not one of those photographers who is shy in front of the camera, but this past year I've done it less. I really wanted to capture some memories with the awesome people I've gotten to know, so it was definitely time for the return of the selfie! Here's one of me with Nancy and Ivan in their DC inspired cosplay.

Besides the cosplayers, I've love being able to 'talk shop' with the numerous photogs who come out to conventions. There really isn't anything I like more than talking about camera gear. Justin is a photographer that I met years ago. It's always great seeing him out at these conventions. He takes fabulous photos and we always seem to get to talking about nerdy photography things whenever we run into each other. In this pic he's holding my Sony camera. He doesn't shoot Sony, but he knows it's AWESOME!

Perry, a photographer that everyone loves and respects in the Sacramento area, set up shop in one of the rooms at SacAnime this year. I usually see him running around getting photos of everything happening - it was nice to see him utilizing a sweet lighting set-up. He had a high quality backdrop and was taking photos of any cosplayers who wanted some great photographs. I'm sure he'll be here for both day 2 and day 3, so if you are a cosplayer wanting some killer photos, see Perry!

It was for real over 110 degrees in the Sacramento area today so most people stayed inside the convention center, but as the sun started to set quite a few made it outside to the balcony area to hang out. The balcony is usually packed as it is a picturesque place to shoot photos and have fun. Dave got the cosplayers dancing as the temperature dropped to reasonable levels. I'm always amazed at how many people he gets to get their feet moving. He's an inspirational dancing machine!

I used most of my time at SacAnime finding awesome cosplays to capture in photos. And it was easy today as the cosplayers come out on fire! There were so many amazing cosplayers walking around. SacAnime really does inspire people to get dressed up. Everywhere I looked I wanted to capture images. And this was just Friday! I can't imagine what will be coming up tomorrow! I can hardly wait!

I usually don't schedule photoshoots during cons anymore, but if people ask, I'm more than willing to do one! In my experience, scheduling photoshoots makes the day really hectic. The last time I did that I felt that I was running around all over the place trying to get to the photoshoot locations on time. It's much better just doing impromptu shoots! It was awesome shooting a couple of group cosplays today. I got to shoot with Cassie and her Kingdom Hearts group as well as Trent's Space Jammers. 

For a first day, this was really great! It has gotten me pumped up for tomorrow's big Saturday in downtown Sacramento. If you'd like to see all the photos I've taken today, CLICK HERE for the gallery. Hope to see a lot of folks out at SacAnime this weekend. I know it's going to be a blast!

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