Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Winter SacAnime Day Three

Author: Luke Cheng

Note: I'm changing the format of this blog (for now)! Due to Photobucket changing their policies last year, I am no longer going to be hosting photos with them. That may mean that all the photos on this blog will disappear. So far they haven't yet, but there's no guarantee. The blog will be more video focused for the time being. Full galleries of my con photos will still be available on the main Cosplay of Sacramento site. Go there for your pics!

The final day of a three day con is usually the most chill. After two days of going really hard, it's nice to just relax a bit on the last day. As expected, the huge crowds thinned out quite a bit and it became easier to navigate the convention complex. It felt good to really take my time and savor the experience - and I had to savor the time as I have to wait all the way until summer before SacAnime happens again.

Since I made my way through almost all the rooms on Saturday, I focused a lot of my efforts on getting photos of the cosplayers. Most of my photos were taken on the balcony and main room up the escalators as that is where a lot of the photographers and cosplayers mill about. I love this area because there is a constant flow of people in cosplay coming in. If you're a cosplayer and you want to get a picture taken then upstairs is definitely the place to plant yourself!

The one thing I didn't do yesterday was get into the autograph halls. They are in a separate section of the convention center. I didn't want to miss checking them out so I went today. There were so many people in line wanting to get autographs from the guests. I just saw line after line of people waiting. It was really incredible. This winter SacAnime's guest line-up was pretty impressive, so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised at the lines I saw today.

I'm sad that SacAnime is over already. This con always seems to fly by so fast! It's a sign that I really like it. Good thing it comes twice a year! As always I have a full gallery of photos from today. CLICK HERE if you want to check them out!

See you at summer SacAnime 2018!!!

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