Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 Winter SacAnime Day Two

Author: Luke Cheng

Note: I'm changing the format of this blog (for now)! Due to Photobucket changing their policies last year, I am no longer going to be hosting photos with them. That may mean that all the photos on this blog will disappear. So far they haven't yet, but there's no guarantee. The blog will be more video focused for the time being. Full galleries of my con photos will still be available on the main Cosplay of Sacramento site. Go there for your pics!

Saturday is always the busiest day at a con. The crowds are large and people are packed into the convention center! I love that huge mass of humanity that is around me, but sometimes it makes it a bit hard to get around. That's just a minor complain though as more people means more cosplay to phpotograph!

I've learned to really relax and pace myself at SacAnime as it does no one any good to be tired by the second day. I tried scheduling photoshoots once, but that really made my time at the con really hectic. Now I just wander around and if people want to do a shoot I am more than happy to - and that's exactly what happened. Today I shot with quite a few of my awesome looking cosplay friends. They cosplayed a variety of fandoms from Spider-man to Disney, Sailor moon, and Scooby-Doo! Everyone looked amazing and I was so happy to shoot with them.You gotta check out the full pics in my day two gallery down below.

Besides taking photos, I really try and find my way around the various rooms on the second day. SacAnime provides a lot of entertainment for all who come. In the main convention center, fans of collectible card games (CCGs) and table top game could come together and face off. I personally love playing board games, so it's really tempting for me to just put down my camera and get into a game!

At the hotel, video game tournaments are held. One of my friends joined in on the Tekken tournament. He was able to get past the first round but fell in the round of eight. You know people are hardcore about it when they bring their massive arcade style controllers out. If tournaments aren't your thing, there were other games available to play as well as dance games - though the people who did those were SCARY good.

As a huge fan of the game Overwatch, I had to pop into the Overwatch voice actors panel for a bit. I guess I wasn't the only one interested... the panel completely filled one of the main halls to capacity. Thankfully I was able to get in and check it out. What a treat to see!

So far SacAnime has been really great. I had a great feeling about this con yesterday and it continued on today. CLICK HERE to check out my full gallery of photos from this second day of Winter SacAnime 2018.

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