Monday, October 22, 2018

2018 Sac-Con

Author: Luke Cheng

Sac-Con came to the Sacramento Convention Center this past weekend. This one day con was on Sunday and is really geared towards those who are into comics. The large main room was filled with vendors - many of which had boxes and boxes of comic books to search through. As a kid, I loved comic books, and this is the con I'd be all over as a youngster! Sadly, I forgot to bring my list of Uncanny X-Men needs with me this time around. But that just left me more time to get some photo and video coverage of the event!

Besides the books, vendors were selling toys, memorabilia, and artwork. I saw a lot of great original artwork that I would have loved to take home with me. As always, there is a huge variety of things to see and do whenever you go to a con. Besides the main room at Sac-Con, there were multiple panel rooms, a video game room, and a card game room. I enjoyed the fact that each room was relatively close together so I didn't have to walk all around the convention center to get from one point to another.

Found near the rear of the main event room were the special guests. Artists and actors were the primary guests that attendees could meet. Ron Lim, who had an awesome run at Marvel comics in the 90's, was there. I loved his work on the Avengers, and you can see his rendition of Thanos behind him.

There was plenty of cosplay on display at Sac-Con. It was awesome to see everyone get into the spirit of it - we had really young kids to adults who came dressed as their favorite pop culture icons. Sac-Con is definitely a family event, and there were lots of families out seeing all the awesome things for sale.

I was really impressed with the cosplay this time out at Sac-Con. Though it's a smaller con, the cosplayers came out swinging with some very elaborate and accurate representation of their characters. Above is Steph with her Barb from Stranger Things cosplay. She looks so good!

Sac-Con was a ton of fun and I'm so glad I went to it. This is a con that I'd highly recommend attending if you're at all into comic books. It's not as expensive as some of the other cons that are out there, and being only one day, it's a great time! CLICK HERE if you'd like to see the rest of the photos from my time at Sac-Con!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

2018 Sinister Creature Con

Author: Luke Cheng

Sinister Creature Con is among us today and tomorrow, and it's the perfect time of year for a horror themed event. I've been really impressed with how Sinister Creature Con has grown year after year, and it is one of my most anticipated cons that I look forward to attending each time it comes around. As it turns out, Sacramento has its fair share of horror fans, and the fans packed the event hall to check out all the ghoulish items on display and for sale.

The items for sale aren't your typical Halloween store low quality fare. The vendors at Sinister Creature Con sell amazingly detailed items - many delicately hand-crafted with hours of work put in. You won't find a selection of stuff like this anywhere else. It's seriously impressive! And I kept hearing people around the event saying how much stuff they really wanted to buy! Oh, if only we all had more money! I did, however, end up getting a few choice items that I'm very happy with! So I'm glad I didn't come away empty handed.

The entire show was packed with people, and it was actually quite hard maneuvering around the showroom. I went light - just carrying one camera and a small gimbal - but even that felt like a bit much with the tight spaces. Though it felt crowded, that's a good thing for an event as it shows the engagement the public has with the show.

Like every year, there were horror make-up artists on site making people look scary. This is one of the only shows in Sacramento that I see these transformations actually happen on-site. I love watching someone begin the process and then come back later to see how much they actually changed. These guys are seriously good at what they do!

The cosplay and gory make-up was on-point everywhere you looked. My personal favorite was this one above. As she peeled back her lower mask you could see the bloody skin stick to her face. It was really an awesome thing to behold. Kudos to her for making this happen!

Up at the front of the stage cosplayers got a chance to show off their cosplay and make-up. Many cons and events such as these have something similar, but I love that this gives an opportunity for people to really show off what they were able to accomplish.

I was asked to do just one shoot today before I left for the evening, and that was for Beetlejuice and Lydia. Lydia looked especially elegant and just like the character in the movie! Just check out that dress! Crazy stuff. I had to shoot this with an ultra-wide lens as my main lens got a little dirty on-site. I think the look actually was quite good with this different angle of view!

Sinister Creature Con was a ton of fun, and a great event for all ages to enjoy. With special guests, great vendors, and a fun environment, this con is one that you should definitely not miss if you're in the Sacramento area. Check out more of my photos on my main site by CLICKING HERE.